REECH Yoga Mat

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           Our mats are crafted with the finest sustainable materials to ensure a safe and comfortable practice. We believe a good yoga mat is one that you can rely on, especially when times get sweaty. 

 Top-side: Eco-friendly polyurethane.

 Bottom side: 100% recycled natural tree rubber.



 Toxin and chemical free

 4.5mm of balanced support and cushion

 Extra wiggle room ( Length 185 cm x  Width 68 cm)

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One of the most important qualities of a yoga mat is how safe you feel when things start to get sweaty. Most people lay towels over their yoga mats to have grip, but shouldn't your yoga mat be able to do that for you? Why should you need to spend more of your time or money on yoga towels that will constantly need to be washed? This is why we made sure that no matter how sweaty and wet your REECH mat becomes you'll never slip, we guarantee it.

We know that you'll love our mat, but don't worry, feel good knowing that if the mat didn't meet your expectations just contact us within 30 days of receiving your mat and we'll send you a full refund.