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What does yoga mean to you? What part of the practice do you connect most with?

Yoga, for me, means stillness. As the body moves, the mind quietens, and meditation begins. In a world where the mind is moving a million miles a minute and our bodies stay stuck at computer desks for hours on end, Yoga to me is balance. Movement of body, stillness in mind, openness of heart. It’s not that I connect with one part of the practice over and above another. It is more that it enables me to connect as a whole. With my self, with my feelings, with my thoughts. There is no individual thing in yoga that I connect with. Yoga offers me an opportunity to disconnect from that which does not serve me, and reconnect to my truest self, my truest source, and let go of things which have held me back: unnecessary thoughts, fear, worry, tiredness. The practice is a reminder to be strong and stable, gentle and flexible, kind in thoughts to others and also towards myself. There is no need for judgement or discernment here, only practice, practice, practice.

How did your yoga journey start?

Unexpectedly. I saw a sign! It said “The heat is on: Yoga” and I followed it. One class turned into two, then I lost count. Yoga was my first entry point into physical movement after years of faking letters to get out of Physical Education at school. Yoga showed me that if you work at something, you can improve. We do not begin good at something, we get good at it - or faster, fitter, more flexible - with practice. I’ve since run marathons and rowed for my university all thanks to a little sign on the wall. Now, 16 years on, it feels like my yoga journey has only just begun; I have never stopped learning. Yoga has slowed me down when I’ve been going too fast to even notice. It has tested me and challenged me in ways I could have never imagined, and it has also saved me from walking a path that I had not even considered not to be mine. The direction my life has taken since discovering Yoga has offered me Freedom. It is within this Freedom that I have found resistance, on many different levels. It has brought me closer to myself and how I relate: with every family member, every friend, every acquaintance, even every judgement. It has made me more aware. This is a path I am still treading, a path I still find challenging, a path that continues to offer the opportunity to choose Freedom above any feelings that arise from fear.

How do you practice yoga off the mat?

My practice takes place much more off the mat than on. Life is a flowing movement, and if I were to become upset because a certain posture in yoga doesn’t go my way, that would be ridiculous. I practice life in the same way- if something does not happen the way I expected it to, there is no celebration or sadness, I go with the flow as much as my body and mind are capable. From that point, I do the best that I can without judgement nor expectation.

What are your greatest passions in life besides yoga?

I love to learn, and I love working with people. It is a dream of mine to one day open a school teaching nutrition, yoga and meditation. I would like this to be available to all ages, and reach beyond the ever-growing yoga world; I would like to extend this to the people and children who would not normally have access to it.

What’s something most people don’t know about you? Maybe a hidden talent?

My friends know me as crazy-fast at touch-typing. I actually would not be able to work all the jobs that I do without this skill. What people don’t know about me? I speak more languages than the typical Brit. I seem confident, but I worry all the time. And I am very good at hiding it.

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