About Us


Reech Earth started with the idea that your value for the well being of our planet and the people on it shouldn’t need to be compromised for any thing. Now more than ever, companies have a responsibility of giving. Everything counts — small or big — so we decided to go big. With every product you purchase, we vow to support your values by planting 30 trees in areas around the world that need it most. (learn more)

While doing this, we strive to be an open book, want to learn more about something or ask us a question? We would love to talk. We know transparency drives impact, and together we can make one that will inspire generations to come.


When you wear one of our bracelets, they stand as a bold reminder that balance starts with you. We look to do what we can to help you find your own balance, while at the same time you can gladly know that you’re helping someone else and the planet find their’s. Let’s find balance together.



Everything we do is driven to inspire you, connect with you, and give back to the planet and people on it.


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